The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Paul Wesley, he is already thinking about after parting?

After the tragic end of The Vampire Diaries Season 6, our gaze is now looking forward to the upcoming 7th season of the popular vampire series, which will be focusing on our two Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan. Could after the departure of Nina Dobrev and now also Paul Wesley thinking about quitting?

For the fans of TVD it was quite a shocker: In April TVD actress Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) had announced its intention to leave the vampire diaries after the 6th season. As the 26-year-old has since repeatedly declared in several interviews, this step was purportedly common ground for them for over a longer period. So they see their farewell to The Vampire Diaries a bit like a "school", which enabled it finally dive into the world of adults, and thus to expand their (acting) career accordingly. Although currently stand, no concrete project in the area, but we are confident that we will soon see each other again on small or large screens Nina Dobrev. Her colleague Paul Wesley, who plays Elena's first love in the series, Stefan Salvatore, was to opposite People magazine that he was very sorry Nina Farewell to TVD. "Of course, since there is now a great nostalgia. It will never again be the same again," the 32-year-old actor said at a gala ceremony at the weekend, where he furthermore also commented on his personal future in the series. Apparently, he seems as though quite agree with Nina Dobrev's setting ...

"I know that she is really happy [of this decision]," Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev admitted to leaving from The Vampire Diaries with respect. "I know that she wants to continue to develop and open a new chapter in their lives, which is entirely respectable." However, Nina Dobrev is not the only such thoughts cherishes: As Julie Plec said in an interview recently only said, most of the actresses and actors had begun at TVD with a six-year contract, which is why this 6th season of The Vampire Diaries for all them meant that they had to be clear about whether they want to be in a seventh season with this even or not. Some of them apparently had the same idea as now Nina Dobrev and so we had to in the past season of TVD, among others, also already by Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Liz Forbes) and Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood ) adopt, all of whom were been from the beginning with this. Could their exit now but also the rest of the cast, especially bringing to ponder Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley?

What in any case As Ian Somerhalder and its serial character Damon Salvatore, the 36-year-old actor seems obviously still a lot of fun to his role and to have in particular to look forward to the "new" Damon, why we care about the presence of Damon in 7. season of TVD so once need to worry. Otherwise it already looks as Paul Wesley from playing its series brother Stefan Salvatore: "I think everything has eventually come to an end You have to see, too, that I have a 17-year-olds play here I myself am 32 years old.. "said Paul Wesley opposite PEOPLE. "If I did so even, say, three more years to play purely theoretical in this series, I was a 35-year-old [actor], which constitutes a 17-year-olds, which indeed represents almost double. It's more than twice. It is literally more than twice! "

Because we have no choice but to admit that Paul Wesley has not a dyscalculia, but quite right when he says that his portrayal of Stefan someday just might be unnatural if the age difference between him as an actor and his youthful series figure easily becomes large. Even with Ian Somerhalder, who (sorry, Ian ^^) so slow approaching the 40, many fans already ask how long he can probably still credibly mimic the youthful reckless Damon ... Also we would indeed want to be able to see the two and all the other friends in Mystic Falls for as long as possible, but it seems the future of The Vampire Diaries probably can not be infinite ...

However, before we indulge such gloomy thoughts, we feel it Just as Paul Wesley and looking forward to the seventh season of TVD: [. Note the producers & series writers] "I actually have absolutely no idea what the next year planned .. Apparently they have indeed a plan but I do not know how this plan looks like, "laughed Paul Wesley before he assured:" It will be very interesting but guaranteed in particular it will be interesting to see what they consider. the two brothers have planned. " If you want to know more about Paul Wesley, like read on what is his favorite activity during the breaks at The Vampire Diaries (it's not what you think ... ^^)! What do you think, how long it should be TVD yet? Would the increasing age difference be a problem for you?

Nina Dobrev - What comes after the serial-out?

Nina Dobrev adopt combative. The decision to leave the success series "Vampire Diaries", the 26-year-old was not easy.

"I loved the work. It was a crazy, wonderful adventure and the people with whom I had to do every day, I look at as a family, "she explains in an interview with Self magazine.

In order not to get stuck on the role of Elena Gilbert forever, Nina wants to start new projects. This is never easy. On the industry side IMDB is no new roles for the actress found. Nina is however combative:

"This is an important step in the right direction."

Currently makes Dobrev with some friends on a road trip through the USA: "There are no hotel reservations, no real plans. Only six people and three vehicles. "

Return arrived at work, Nina needs door to door again. There are numerous auditions for new roles in the plan. A professional life, can also be connected to many rejections.

"I am ready to take up this fight again. I am glad even that. "

Fond of noise on Instagram

The "Vampire Diaries" - Actor Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed on cloud seven, should also realize yes everyone. On Instagram Damon performer now gushed from his loved ones. He wants to annoy his ex Nina Dobrev?

On Friday, Nikki Reed (26) and Ian Somerhalder (36) have been properly cleaned pretty. The occasion: Nikki was honored at a gala animal protection organization "Humane Society" for their commitment to the "Inspirational Award". No wonder that the actors of "Vampire Diaries" was bursting with pride. On Instagram he posted a sweet snapshot of the two on the way to ceremony. On it are only to each other cuddly Hands of the turtledoves and the flashing engagement ring by Nikki Reed.

Nina Dobrev (26), it should run cold down my spine at the sight, at least they should still courting her "Vampire Diaries" colleagues. But Ian Somerhalder even put it to the extreme and commented on the photo with an extravagant display of affection: "I am so excited to be on the way to the Humane Society Gala 'in Miami, there to honor a beautiful woman with whom I so am grateful that I can be her date, "noted the actor. "I'm blown away by Nikki Reed."

The fiancee of Ian Somerhalder returned the greeting love: she also posted a picture of the car can be seen on only a small part of the cuddly couple. "I have perhaps a very gutaussehnendes date that wanted to come to me to hand over my award," she suggested. To whom it concerns with the date, but all the fans can be used immediately clear. Seems takes Nina Dobrev against all rumors their hope for a separation of Ian and Nikki Reed first buried.

Makes Nina Dobrev fun with this photo on Ian Somerhalder?

The relationship of Nina Dobrev and her "Vampire Diaries" colleagues Ian Somerhalder seems to be very tense. Blame has his new girlfriend Nikki Reed. Now, recently appeared on a photo of Nina, which acts almost as if they would do with it over Ian and Nikki funny. Or not?


Although it is only a rumor, but any woman could understand it very well: Nina Dobrev will be more than annoyed by the constant Geturtel on the set of "The Vampire Diaries". Because her ex-boyfriend and colleague Ian Somerhalder is again happily in love and because he lets the world as often as possible can participate. Even on Instagram, the blue-eyed hottie does not hold back and post numerous snapshots with New Girlfriend Nikki and animals that have both adopted together. Nina Dobrev has had enough and fights back?


Funnily snapshot


Because a week ago appeared on a photo on Instagram, which showed the actress with another "TVD" -Hottie and a dog. Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev posed together with a small dog and snogs him from downright. So much caring quadruped Love on a couple photo a bit reminiscent of the Liebesgeflüstert of Ian & Nikki. Makes it fun with this snapshot about her ex? Apparently not. Because under the photo writes Nina Dobrev, that she has adjusted together with Paul the "Vampire Diaries" cover of EW magazine.

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